Tips on How to Purchase Bike Decals and Stickers


Many bikers prefer to tailor their bikes to give them a form of uniqueness. Customization of the bikes can be done through many ways including using name decals, bike stickers, painting patterns among others. When deciding upon the decal or sticker for your biker, the hints below may be useful.


You first need to choose a company that produces high quality stickers and decals. The material that they use should be both strong and attractive. It’s much better to purchase higher quality stickers at a marginally higher price than buying poor quality at a lower price. Also, aim to buy designer bike stickers as they will be of better quality.


Companies that make bike stickers and decals will allow you to give them your preferences such as the background color, font, font color, name or flag. This will give your bike a personalized feel.


Compare the prices of the bike stickers from various suppliers and select the best. While looking at the price of the sticker, you can also consider whether they will deliver the stickers for free or if you will incur a shipping fee. It is advisable to purchase stickers that are both of high quality and within your budget.


Discover how long the stickers will last before you buy them. Will you want to alter the stickers every so often or can you be assured to have them on your bike for a couple of years? This tip ties to the cost of the decal or sticker.

Turnaround time

After you make your order for the sticker and decals, how long will it take before they are delivered to you? Will they take a day, week or couple of weeks? Professional bike sticker producers will do this within a very short time and yet do a great job.


Before your buy the stickers, you might want to know if the company that’s producing them has any guarantee. Some businesses may provide you up to three decades of guarantee and when you have any problems with the stickers within the guarantee period, they will replace them at no cost.

Customer service

It is also good to take into account the quality of customer service offered by the name decals and sticker producers. Can they design for you a logo? Do they go an additional mile to ensure all your questions are answered and that your specific specifications are incorporated into the stickers? Find out the after sales service that you will be able to access. You may also check reviews to see how the customers feel about the company.


All in all, ensure that the bike decals and strikers reflect your style and actually make you happy. You can have them highly customized and personalized. Also, buy from a dependable source.


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